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What is Red Dust Healing?

Red Dust Healing is based on a cultural belief that we are one people, one mob who do not own but belong to this land. If we do not know who we are and where we come from, then how do we know where we are going?

The Red Dust Healing programs and workshops are designed to address a wide range of issues including suicide safeguarding, stolen generations, incarceration, juvenile justice, grief and loss, family and domestic violence, anxiety and fear, depression, mental health, and substance abuse.

The programs and workshops target the heart not the head, empowering people to be part of their own solution. Healing to us is a spiritual understanding of self, identity, love, belonging, family, security, hurt, heartache, good times, and laughter. But mostly Healing is a grasp for hope and acceptance based on love and respect, of understanding of ourselves, our supports and being able to tell “our” stories.

Over 18,500 people have officially completed different stages of the program plus more than 3,000 through information sessions and 1 Day workshops. The numbers continue to rise as more and more people engage and spread the word about Red Dust Healing.

How Red Dust Healing Works

Our programs and workshops have been designed for self-discovery and healing through guided exercises and discussions all within a supportive safe environment. Red Dust Healing empowers people to be part of their own solution.

Programs & Workshop Packages:

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When the dust is settled on our lives, all we get to keep and take with us is our dignity, our integrity and the love and respect we shared with people.

Red Dust Healing is About People.