When the dust is settled on our lives, all we get to keep and take with us is our dignity, our integrity and the love and respect we shared with people

Red Dust Healing is founded on a cultural belief that we are one people, one mob who do not own but belong to this land.


If we do not know who we are and where we come from, then how do we know where we are going?

Healing to us is a spiritual understanding of self, identity, love, belonging, family, security, hurt, heartache, good times and laughter.

But mostly Healing is a grasp for hope and acceptance based on love and respect, of understanding of ourselves, our supports and being able to tell “our” stories.


Red Dust Healing is written from an Indigenous perspective for Indigenous Men and their families. The program is targeted at the heart and not the head.

The program facilitates the understanding of “Rejection” and “Grief and Loss” being the foundation of all hurt.

Participants are encouraged to examine their own personal hurt and allows them to heal from within addressing family and personal relationships and what may have been life long patterns of violence, abuse and neglect. Though written from indigenous perspectives Red Dust Healing also targets non indigenous people. We have run mixed groups. Rejection knows no boundaries its the same for young and old, its the same for male and female, its the same for black and white - IT JUST HURTS.

The program places the participant both in the position of being hurt (victim) and then as the one doing the hurting (perpetrator).

The program identifies the emotions felt as the victim and then the hurt caused as the perpetrator.

Participants are asked to examine the similarities and effects this may have had on their lives while growing up and question whether they are repeating the same tactics that may have hurt them.

An example of this is the program outlines and examines the perspectives of two different laws:

LORE is portrayed as our dignity our integrity our power and our freedom. Participants are shown that if you maintain the LORE then it makes the LAW redundant.

LAW versus LORE

Legalities Land
Attorney Generals Origin
Westminster Respect


Red Dust Healing targets a multifaceted approach covering four main areas:

Pro-Social Modelling
Professional Development
Cultural Awareness

Red Dust Healing addresses significant key areas such as: Identity, family roles and structure, relationships, Elders, Men’s business, Indigenous history and the impacts of colonialism, drug and alcohol issues, family violence, grievance and loss, stress and mental health issues, anger management, education and employment housing issues, meetings and community contribution and governance.

Red Dust Healing is a group program for indigenous men and women that examines the intergenerational effects of colonisation on the mental, physical and spiritual well being of Indigenous families and encourages individuals to confront and deal with the problems, hurt and anger in their lives.


The program will be delivered to groups two times per group. The first time is for participants to heal and deal with their own issues first. The second time is to give them the skills to pass on the information and tools learnt to family members and community.

The program will be delivered by 2 trainers to a group of 10–12 participants over a 3–4 day period. Daily time envisaged would be between 9.30am and 3.30 pm with lunch, morning tea is provided.

The second training would be completed within a 4 to 6 week period after the initial training block.

The Buddies/Mentors can support and encourage participants to complete case-plan goals (depending on program delivery model).

This gives participants the opportunity to follow through with case-plans and with family or other relevant service providers in between the two training blocks.

*If arranged an information session can be delivered on the first day prior to program commencement for community or government organizations and other relevant people.


- Understanding of the impact of Rejection and Grief and Loss
- Understanding the impacts of colonialism and oppression and then learning tools to overcome those impacts.
- Better understanding of self and allow participants to address the hurt within their lives.
- Improved self esteem.
- Identifying the linking of emotions and feelings with behaviours and actions.
- Indigenous Men will have an understanding of identity and learn to self evaluate matters that impact on their own personal lives.
- Development of future role models and fathers.
- Restored broken relationships.
- Realization and knowledge that support is available through networks and services to assist participants and families.
- Families are linked to service providers.
- Strengthening current partnerships.
- Increasing capacity of Indigenous men to contribute, plan, implement and evaluate a variety of strategies, projects and programs in their community.
- Improve relationships between fathers and sons.
- Develop and enhance support networks for Indigenous men.
- Assist to mend family relationships.
- Feed back forms and interviews from participants.
- Completed case-plans and links to agencies and support networks.
- Participation levels throughout the program, maintained by attendance sheets.
- Feedback from local organizations and family members.
- Participants involved in co-facilitating future training.
- Formation of a partnership committee to implement and guide the project.
- Black tracking; retracing your steps, self evaluation process.


Over 14 000+ people have now officially completed different stages of the program with some outstanding results. Some interviews conducted with participants have been conducted for visual feedback. The main reason why this program has had success is that it is targeted at the heart and not the head. The program allows for numeracy and literacy issues, it caters for all ATSI men and women young and old, Cultural Awareness modules for non-ATSI people. The program has also been run with a mixed group of ATSI and non-ATSI people. The program creates an environment that allows for confidentiality to be kept and participants feel free to express their emotions.

Thanks for rolling with the Red Dust!

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